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Phoenix Dog Trainer - Paws To Train Your Dog
Phoenix Dog Trainer - Paws To Train Your Dog

Why choose Paws To Train Your Dog?

Kip 5 star review
Border Collie laying down, down-stay command
Within the first week of Kip being in our home, he bit one person and snapped at several others. We were concerned as we have three teenagers and my grandbaby. All our fear and trepidation melted away after meeting with Troy. Troy is one of the most relaxed, calm, and peaceful persons I think I have ever met. He agreed Kip was not an aggressive dog, but instead was a "fear" biter and that Kip had probably given several warning signs prior to biting, but we were not aware of them. ... [read more]
I was concerned about the price for what we thought would be a typical dog obedience class. What we got was a wonderful and amazing journey into the life of our dog. Troy is willing to go the extra mile for you, but don't show up without your homework done, a handful of excuses, and expect results. We have had some minor setbacks at times, but that is because we failed Kip. When we stray from the concepts taught in class, so does Kip. When we have a problem or question, Troy responds almost immediately and helps us stay on track. If you are looking to develop a meaningful, lifelong relationship with your dog, look no further. Troy is the best! ~ Laura Stenzel
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Boomer 5 star review
Blackmouth Cur German Shepherd mix laying down, down-stay command
When we first got Boomer, he would lose it at the Vet's office, flopping around like a fish, alligator roles, cowering in the corner, growling, barking, biting...and that was with sedation. Boomer then started snapping at everyone in our home. We could no longer trust him. You can't help dogs unless you understand them. When Boomer would shake, I thought it was excitement. Troy read Boomer right away, he wasn't excited, he was trembling with fear. ... [read more]
You have to know your dog, and Troy does.
All of the training has paid off. We didn't realize how much Boomer had improved until he got a sore paw and we had to take him to the vet. Troy met us at the Vet's office and walked us through how to work with Boomer with the Vet. Wow! He was NOTHING like before, he was calm and behaved like a good boy! Boomer allowed the Vet to come close and actually exam him. Troy has taught us so much on how to help Boomer. Thank you Troy! ~ Cookie & Tod Hegstrom
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Lucy 5 star review
Pitbull playing in pool
Lucy was aggressive toward other dogs, spinning out of control and pulling on the leash. At home, she would bark at any little thing and pace the backyard. She seemed so stressed out and insecure. We needed help. Troy helped us so much, not only with the correct ways to keep her calm before and after walks, but all around rehabilitated our dog. After I had my baby, Troy invited us back to do more training with his advanced group classes. He offers lifetime support to all his clients so these classes were free! She is now a much happier dog! I highly recommend Troy! ~ Audrey Fairley
Starsky & Hutch 5 star review
Feral dogs getting over fear of humans
We had two feral dogs living at our dog rescue in Mexico. Our volunteers worked with them but made little progress in helping them trust people. We would never find them homes the way they were. Then along came Troy, he wrote me to say that he was visiting the island and would like to help out. I immediately wrote him about Starsky and Hutch. He came every morning to work with them. Itís amazing what knowledge and patience can achieve. Iím walking Starsky and Hutch twice a day. I have Starsky laying at my feet as Iím typing this. Both dogs have a long way to go, but Iíd given up on them and Iíll never do that again. Thanks Troy! ~ Alison Sawyer &
Scooby Doo 5 star review
Staffordshire Terrier pitbull laying down, down-stay command
We struggled with Scooby Doo's training until I came upon Paws To Train Your Dog. It was a perfect fit for us! We enjoyed a vacation while Scooby got a Dogcation. Troy provided video updates on Scooby's training regularly. We couldnít wait to came back home and see how our Scooby Doo was doing. He used to bark and jump on everyone, walking him was such a struggle, and his behavior with other dogs made us nervous. Now we enjoy our walks! He is well behaved wherever I take him. Thank you Troy! ~ Edina Omeragic
Chinle 5 star review
Doberman socializing with pitbull
I hired Troy to help me train Chinle, but I was actually overwhelmed by my trio of dogs. Troy help me understand the true meaning of patience. All three of my dogs are now crate trained and listen to me without the use of bribery (I was a "treat" trainer before this!). My dogs are now relaxed and happy instead of anxious and crazy. Troy changed our household. Watching him work with our dogs was like watching a magic show. It was fascinating! I would recommend him to anyone needing help with their dog. He will definitely be the trainer chosen to work with any future dog we own. Thanks Troy! ~ Kristina Levinson
"If it's important that your dog behaves,
you'll find a way to get results.
If not, you'll find excuses."
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