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What Other Dog Parents Are Saying About Us!

Atlas 5 star review
dog training sit stay
My goldendoodle, Atlas, stayed with Troy for a 3 week board and train. Let me just tell you - GAME CHANGER. Atlas is your typical goofy dood with what I like to call "ants in his pants". Bye bye jumping and counter surfing! Troy takes the time to not only train your dog, but also you as the owner (which is arguably the most important). From the education, to the patience, to the love he has for dogs, Troy is incredible. Thank you for forever changing the relationship I have with Atlas for the better! ~ Sydni Smack
Ember 5 star review
dog training sit stay
We adopted Ember and she turned our lives upside down with bad behaviors. Troy helped us see that Ember was just a very insecure and anxious dog that craved structure and clear direction. Ember would bark at us constantly, chew our belongings, nip at us, pull on her leash, counter surf and terrorize our other dog. After Troy's doggie bootcamp, Ember is like a new pup! She is finally calm, happy and content, and so are we. We are also using what Troy taught us with our other dog and can already see a huge difference. I cannot say enough about Troy and Paws To Train Your Dog. ~ Dana & Brandon
Lacy 5 star review
Mutt socializing with Rottweiler
Our dog Lacy was a very fearful dog. She was afraid of ceiling fans, car keys, plastic bags, you name it. We enrolled Lacy in the Dogcation Program, and now she is so much calmer. Troy is always willing to personally help if we are having any struggles with her. His life-time guarantee is just that. We continue to work with Troy and believe in his training techniques. We are truly satisfied and could not be happier that we found Troy. Without his help we may have given up on our sweet dog. I would highly recommend Paws To Train Your Dog to anyone who needs help with their dog. Thank you Troy! ~ Dennis & Jean Anderson
Lucy 5 star review
Black pitbull sit-stay in kitchen
I'm a professional dog walker, but struggled to walk my Lucy. After searching through many trainers I found Troy. He taught me more about dogs and training than any other class or workshop I have taken for my profession. I was so so impressed. After the first class, I could see a drastic change in her. We later attended his group class which he was so impressive with how he had all the dogs in check and to see how well my dog was doing. My bond with Lucy is now closer than before. She is no longer as nervous and she is listening so much better. Thanks Troy! ~ Ciara Schmalfeld
Quinney 5 star review
Catahoula sit-stay
Our Quinney was skittish, fearful of new people and not very obedient on walks. Troy helped us to see how Quinney was communicating with us and how to help her. Quinney continues to grow more comfortable with new people and allows them to greet her without barking, fleeing, or peeing. We are better at seeing when she's uncertain and advocating for her. Walking Quinney has improved greatly! Troy is the best trainer we've ever worked with. He's professional, honest, and adds value in every interaction you have with him. Highly recommend! ~ Chase & Karen Colton
Odie 5 star review
Staffordshire Terrier pitbull on dog bed, place command
Odie was jumping incessantly, lunging at everyone, nipping, and even bit my mother. I was ready to give up when I found Troy. After our first training session, Odie was was calmer and listening to me! I learned that my nervousness and anxiety were translating into a nervous and anxious dog. Odie is not perfect, but she is SO much better. Troy probably saved Odie's life, and has enriched mine with lessons that go beyond dog training. I now have the dog I was seeking, and my relationship with Odie is stronger for the experience we shared. Thank you, Troy!! ~ Laura Dix
Falkor, Simon, Willis 5 star review
Great Dane, Chihuahua, Lab mix getting along, down-stay command
Our dogs started having frequent fights that led to vet visits, we knew we needed serious help. We've been working with Troy and our home is finally peaceful. We continue to practice what Troy has taught us and have seen some amazing transformations, but when things go backwards, Troy is there to help us. Without Troy, we would have had to re-home or put down one of our beloved dogs. Now our entire pack is the calmest and happiest that they've been in the 8 years we've had them. We whole-heartedly recommend Troy!! ~ Jeni & Rebecca
Daisy 5 star review
Pitbull laying in grass, down-stay command
Our Daisy was super hyper, terrified of everything, and lunged and growled at other dogs. I took her to a few other trainers, but she didn't learn much and I still struggled with her. Out of desperation, I found Paws To Train Your Dog and I couldn't be happier. Troy helped me train Daisy, but primarily trains me! Daisy is kind of a special needs dog, so she may need lifelong help... That's okay, because once you go through training with Troy, he offers lifetime support! Thanks Troy! ~ Susan Celaya
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"If it's important that your dog behaves,
you'll find a way to get results.
If not, you'll find excuses."
Excellent 5-star reviews Voted Best Dog Trainers in Phoenix Recommended by local Veterinarians International Association of Canine Professionals
Excellent 5-star reviews Voted Best Dog Trainers in Phoenix
Recommended by local Veterinarians International Association of Canine Professionals
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