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5 Tips for Choosing
the Right Dog Trainer

  • First, what do you want your dog to learn?
    Does your dog have behavior issues such as anxiety, fear, or aggression? Then basic obedience will not be enough. Some dog trainers only teach obedience, others only offer behavior modification, while some do both. Be sure the trainer is able to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Check out qualifications and experience.
    There are many gifted dog professionals out there who aren't certified, and yet there are many certified trainers who are not experts.
    dog stay-put command
    It's best to look for those who have taken the time to become a true professional through schooling and/or certification, ensuring that they have had to pass some minimum requirements, do some studying, and put in some hands-on hours with dogs. Know also that new methods of training dogs are being discovered all the time, so good dog trainers will continue their education by attending workshops, seminars, and conferences.
  • Look for reviews and examples.
    It is best to search review sites such as Google, Facebook, or Yelp because businesses can't pay to alter or remove reviews. To avoid being misled or duped, be sure to check the integrity of both good and bad reviews as some good reviews could be fake and negative reviews might come from their competitors. Many trainers share videos of dogs they've worked with on their website or on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. If not, ask to view a training class.
  • Be sure you're included in the training.
    There's nothing wrong with board-n-train programs so that trainers can work through your dog's more challenging behaviors,
    dog stay-put command
    however it's important they also work closely with helping you to ensure your dog's success and prevent your dog from reverting back to old behaviors. More often than not it's the owner who needs the most "training."
  • Finally, your own philosophy and ethics.
    Some people are opposed to certain training tools or methods. I am fine with most tools as long as they are used correctly and humanely. If you feel bad and object to a training tool, your dog will have a bad experience with the tool. A good dog trainer will be able to explain what they use and why in a clear way that you can understand. When it comes to choosing the right trainer, make sure that the trainer you choose agrees with and supports your own values, because you are the one who is going to live with your dog. If you feel that a trainer isn't for you, or your normally friendly dog is very reserved around a trainer, you may want to pass and meet with a few others.

Finding a Professional Dog Trainer Near You

Dog training is an unregulated industry so don't simply pick the closest local dog trainer, do your research to determine if the trainer is going to be the right fit for you and your canine companion. The following is a quick check list that can help you:
  • Does the dog trainer have excellent Google reviews? Make sure the reviews are from local customers and take the time to check the integrity of both good and bad reviews as some may be fake.
  • Is this a franchise training facility using inexperienced trainers just to turn a quick profit, or a professional dog trainer with education and years of experience?
  • Does the trainer offer a free evaluation? Know that professional dog trainers and behavior specialists in high demand are paid for their time.
  • Where will the training sessions take place? Those who come to you for in-home private lessons are typically still learning and looking to gain experience. Professional dog trainers will require you to travel to them where they are better equipped to help you and can control the environment and any distractions, much like your veterinarian.
  • Make sure the dog trainer uses tools and training methods that you are comfortable with and can explain the science behind them. The best dog trainers will also guarantee their training, offering unlimited follow-up at no additional charge.
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"If it's important that your dog behaves,
you'll find a way to get results.
If not, you'll find excuses."
Excellent 5-star reviews Voted Best Dog Trainers in Phoenix Recommended by local Veterinarians International Association of Canine Professionals
Excellent 5-star reviews Voted Best Dog Trainers in Phoenix
Recommended by local Veterinarians International Association of Canine Professionals
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